STARSCITY Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers Set Thanksgiving Decor 100% Cotton Flower Cushion Case Covers Double-Sides Embroidered Home Decor Handmade Pillow Shams (Blue-2pcs, 20x20 inches)

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Color: Blue-2pcs  |  Size: 20x20 inches

STARSCITY All products are all high-end invisible zipper.
1, We use invisible zipper is to be more beautiful;
2,Use the invisible zipper we will not accidentally scratched his body.

1: breathable, wear, sunscreen, dustproof.
2: high tensile strength, good insulation, soft and thick feel, flower pattern diversification.
3: wide decorative effect. Cars, sofas, offices, bedrooms, shops are suitable.

Please note
1,The actual item may have a slightly higher color than the image due to a different computer / screen display.
2,As a result of manual production, sewing and cutting will inevitably occur a little deviation, Please allow 1cm measurement error.
1, On the couch
Sitting on the sofa or lying on the pillow, but also used to decorate their own sofa. Watch TV on the couch, chat or rest. A soft and comfortable
pillow can give a particularly warm feeling, so that your guests in their own homes have a sense of intimacy.

2, In the car
In the car put their favorite pillow, so that their long way to enjoy the feeling of home, but also to their own car extraordinary feeling. Pillows and
other small ornaments at the same time as their own car decoration elements, activate the space.

3,In bed Bed
In bed Bed with a beautiful pillow combination, will be more dynamic, but also allows users to feel comfortable and comfortable sleep.