Removable Vinyl Wall Decal Nursery Baby Picture Frame room Sticker Home Decor

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* Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic RemovableWall Decal

* Easy installation, just peel and stick on the wall

* No messy paint and brushes

* Easy to removefrom the wall without damaging the paint

* Materials: PVC Vinyl

* Washable, Waterproof and Lasting

* High Quality, Sturdy Vinyl Wall Decal Mural Stickers Are An Inexpensive Way To Add Colors And Style Without Paint

* Choose a smooth surface where you want to apply the sticker

* Make sure that the surface is clean and dry

* You can use a soft cloth or credit card to press the decal to smooth out any wrinkles

* Images do not represent actual scale

* Ideal to decorate your bedaroom, children's bedrooms, livingrooms, classrooms etc within seconds