Nursery Decor Baby Room Cute Animal Light Switch Sticker Wall Decal Boy Girl

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Super cute nursery animal lightswitch decal.
Pick your favorite animal!
Be sure that your surface is very clean, with alcohol & a microfiber cloth, before applying decal.
Measures: See photo, please, for details.
Please feel free to message me with any questions.
Ships Quickly from the U.S.!
Pro Application Tips:
You'll need to be sure the surface you plan to adhere to is VERY clean.
Wipe your surface multiple times with alcohol & a paper towel to ensure all oils are lifted.
Then, wipe your surface with a microfiber cloth, in order to remove any particles left behind from the paper towel.
Now you're ready to apply your new decal. :)
Running a credit card over the decal after application can help secure the adhesive to your surface (especially on edges)
A small sewing pin can be used to release any air bubbles trapped underneath the decal.