Milemont Toddler Pillow - Small Pillow - Best Pillows for Kids - Better Neck Support and Sleeping - They Will Take a Better Nap in Bed, a Crib, or Even on the Floor at School! Makes Travel Comfier!

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Size: 24*16

As an adult, it’s hard to imagine settling down for a good night’s sleep without a pillow. While the youngest of children don’t need (and shouldn’t have) a pillow, the support of a good pillow is certainly crucial for comfort as kids get older.
The best pillows for kids offer the support a growing neck and head needs, the durability to last even in the face of the kind of messes only children can make, high-quality hypoallergenic materials, a reasonable cost and easy availability.

Why Milemont :
Our 24x16 pillow is the perfect and recommended size for your toddler. Our handcrafted pillow is designed to fit toddler beds and preschool/daycare cots and is perfect for nap time, travel, sleepovers and pillow fights! It's a great way to introduce your child to their "big kid" bed and get them excited for sleeping again. Adults can even use this pillow when traveling!

- 1 X Toddler Pillow