Limited Promo: The Amazing Baby Memory Book by KiddosArt. Keepsake Journal | Scrapbook | Photo Album, Record Memories and Milestones of The First 5 Years On 72 Beautiful Pages. Baby Shower Gift Set

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Color: Starring: Happy Animals

Say Hellooo to KiddosArt's own Celebrity Munch-Bunch Happy Animals!
The Amazing Story of Me starring our Happy Animals crafts beloved moments into memories for a lifetime.
Join the Munch-Bunch friends on a colorful and joyous adventure of laughter and hops.
Capture your baby's growth and awesomeness, as our Happy Animals and their best friends add a touch of fun
and sweetness to your favorite memories in a beautifully drawn baby memory book.

From back in the days when mommy and daddy met to your baby's first year in school,
the fun-tastic Munch-Bunch tells the Amazing Story of YOU! in a one-of-a-kind 72 pages photo album
bundled with a keepsake envelope and 12 monthly stickers.

Our book is filled with lots of exciting moments such as:
✔ Baby Shower Party
✔ Ultrasounds
✔ Growth and Teething Chart
✔ Hands and Foot Prints
✔ Monthly Growth
✔ Milestones and Activities
✔ Holidays and Celebrations
✔ Birthdays - up to 5 years old!
✔ Family and Friends
✔ First year in school

The KiddosArt baby books are crafted with lots of love, fun and great care by our family
to record your baby's growth, as a precious keepsake to reminisce on for many years to come.

Why you'll love love love...
❤ The perfect modern baby shower gift for Expecting Parents.
❤ The most complete Baby Book/Photo Album/Scrapbook available anywhere!
❤ Unisex Design: Perfect for Boys or Girls!
❤ Records baby's 1st year's growth in great detail + 5 birthdays and Holidays.
❤ 72 beautifully drawn 8.5" x 11" pages with original storytelling artwork.
❤ FREE! 12 monthly stickers & 1 keepsake envelope - just because we LOVE!
❤ Easy to modify and has room for funny stories with over 100+ photos
❤ Responsibly Printed, Eco-friendly, Soy based-Inks.

Parents, we're here for you!
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