Clearseed Breathable Cotton Baby Crib Bumper Pads with Velcro Supports and Waterproof Side Rail Cover Guards Set 7-Piece Grey

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It can be worrisome leaving your baby in the crib; they could be bumping their heads on the boards, getting their little arms and legs stuck between the railings or they’re up chewing on the rails. Worry no more; Protect your baby with this crib bumper and rail guard set. -Breathable but padded to protect your baby from bumps -Longer to cover up to the corners of standard cribs; 11.8 inches x 54 inches and 11.8 inches x 30 inches for the bumpers and 7 inches x 52 inches and 7 inches x 27.5 inches for rail covers -Detachable velcro straps that attach to the crib rail to keep bumper up and prevent sagging -Longer ties that lets you secure bumper and rail covers to the crib -100% baby safe with cotton fabric and polyester filling Machine washable with cold water; dryer safe with low setting